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When® launched SUPERWHEN for MEN, a special skin care line for men with anti-pollution benefits in August 2019.

Anti-pollution is a growing global concern as studies show one in two people are exposed to urban pollution (heavy metals, fine particles like micro-dust, hydrocarbons, sulphured compounds and other toxic chemical compounds, ozone). Irritated, suffocated, skin loses its natural glow and ages prematurely.

The key active ingredient of the SUPERWHEN line is URBALYS® fromGreentechFrance,apioneerinplant biotechnology. URBALYS® is derived from Schizandra Chinensis, an Asian fruit (called ‘omija’ in Korean as it has 5 tastes and helps to balance the body by stimulating the 5 main bodily organs – lungs, stomach, intestines, heart, and liver) known for its adaptogenicproperty.URBALYS® hasahighcontentoflignans (large group of polyphenols) and helps to detox, purify, restore